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    Build an app in minutes
    We provide both native and cross-platform solutions.
    The app will come in your name, colors and branding
    Beautiful and powerful UI/UX
    No coding required
    App publishing for both android and IOS
    Maintenance and post-warranty support

Turn your Website into an App in Minutes


Add your Site

Add your website into your app builder with few clicks. You can add just the pages you need. 


Brand it

Add your logo and branding, images, and videos, right from your dashboard. Make it look pretty. 


Publish it

Publish the app, right from your dashboard and allow Apple and Google to review. Your app is LIVE.


An app for all kinds of businesses

So much more ... turn any website into a mobile app

Unlimited Possibilities for Apps

  • Influencer vloger

    Turn your Wordpress into an App

  • Turn your WooCommerce into an App

  • Turn any website into an App

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    Build your Own Custom App

Unlimited Possibilities

● Easy to use platform● Your staff can build and maintain your app● Create jobs for your little cousin● Start your own app business in your locality● Start without paying - create your account● Review in real-time● No coding required● One dashboard for everything● Personalize your app to match your style● Sell any product● Work with your team members● 


  • Is Mobile app trendy? Why do I need a Mobile App?

    With the world economy facing challenges, everyone is turning to Africa as the next growth market. Africa is a huge market - Yes 1.3billion people - and the use of mobile phone and internet is growing rapidly. The mobile phone has become everyone's partner. The question is - are you reaching them?

  • Before now, building app was very expensive. Why is SiteCliq Mobile so affordable? 

    Before now, the technology for building apps was complicated and you needed to hire a technical team and spend months. The world now moved towards cloud-based computing, shared resources and then no-code solutions starting coming up. 
    So instead of putting the weight on one person, SiteCliq has done the major investment for the African market. Our goal is to take Africa to the Mobile Era to harness the huge potentials of the growing market. 

  • What do I need to get started?

    All you need to get started is a website and it does not matter the platform you used to build the website, you can build an app from it. 

  • Can I build an app from scratch?

    Yes you can. Use the custom option and you can create an app from scratch. 

  • Can I create any type of app for any industry?

    Absolutely. SiteCliq Mobile can convert any website to a mobile app - be it a dating app, retail app, individuals app, corporate app, and much more. 

  • How long does it take to build and publish?

    It depends on you. You can start and see results in less than 1 hour. The builder is yours, feel free to perfect the app to your tase. When ready, submit to the app store for publishing, App and Google have their stipulated time but in recent times, publishing times has become faster. 

  • Do you take a share of my revenue or charge any hidden fees?

    The answer is No. Once you pay your subscription, the app builder is yours to use as much as you want. 

  • When you say unlimited, what do you mean?

    So there is no limited to the number of apps you can build, the number of team members you can work with. Unlimited pages for your app and unlimited bandwidth. 

  • I am not interested in building myself? Can I hire your services?

    Our builder can be used by anyone without technical knowledge. And yes we know some customers do not have the time to build and manage, hence we also encourage job creation so you can hire your cousin, friend or use existing staff to build and manage the app. Both of you will have access and you can monitor what is happening. 
    However, if you still need us to build for you, one of the designers and project manager can be hired to do the job. 

  • How do we update our app and is it realtime?

    By simply updating the website. Any changes you make to the contents will be reflected immediately in realtime. Changes to core technical aspects will need to be rebuilt and submitted for review by Apple and Google. 

  • What does the Free Plan come with?

    You can register for free at any time, access your dashboard and start building your app to try out the platform. To unlock the full features, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.  

  • How can I make the order?

    Click the Buy Now button, make payment and you will be given access to the Premium Features. 

  • What payment options do you provide for clients?

    You can pay by Card, USSD, Transfer and other options. 

  • Tell me a bit about SiteCliq

    SiteCliq is part of a Group of companies founded in 2010 in Nigeria to cater for the Digital transformation of the continent of Africa. Having successfully built more than 20 large-scale digital platforms with hundreds of thousands of users across multiple African countries, mostly small businesses, women-businesses, employees, a lot of them started asking for ways to harness the power of Digital. SiteCliq was born to cater for the website, community, social and mobile app needs of thousands. Today, we power websites and mobile apps for businesses and companies in Africa, Dubai, and Europe. 
    More importantly, our a lot of people including our partners and resellers use our platform to build mobile apps for their own clients and keep 100% of the revenue.

  • How do I contact SiteCliq Mobile?

    We are always available for you to reach out to us via chats, whatsapp, email. If you need help with some aspects of our platform, you can simply visit the helpdest by clicking here

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